How To Create Habits

There are mainly two parts of our minds, one is conscious and other is subconscious. Usually, we answer or react with our subconscious mind. Things like brushing, bathing, eating, sleeping are part of it and because we do it daily we don’t need to prepare for it. Here is the point where our conscious mind comes into play. Our mind is not ready to accept the change when we start a new schedule and that’s where we fail to continue a habit. Making projects, solving different competitive questions, making a youtube channel, making vlogs and many more. These things fail because our mind was not ready to accept sudden change. The image below this text shows a lot about it.

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

So what’s next?

The only solution to do is continuously sticking to that particular things for a period of time. And slowly that part will become a habit of our daily schedule. Obviously, we won’t see a difference within a day, maybe a little change in a week and a significant change after a month. So, here my point is to force your limits and make this happen.



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