How Typing Skills Matter

Being a student and also someone who loves to code or write blogs, typing becomes a important aspect when you see in terms of speed. Sometimes my friends and colleagues ask me whether typing speed matters or not. My answer is definitely “No”. The reason being that typing speed does not makes you less capable than anyone else.

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But for someone who uses the keyboard a lot knows its importance. I am comfortable in typing with my 9 fingers. Few people are comfortable with 10 finger typing too. For me it is fun, I enjoy when my fingers are engaged in typing and I don’t even need to look at the keyboard while typing the words because I am familiar with all the letters and keys in the keyboard.

That’s called craziness in your work or being so involved to upgrade yourself. This is how spontaneous I am while typing. Also this has helped me a lot in improving my coding speed because while using different IDEs I have to be familiar with all the shortcuts, so whenever I need to use any of them, I can easily do it being so comfortable with all the stuffs.

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I don't suggest people to go for 10 finger typing, some are comfortable with 8 or even 5 finger typing but using 10 fingers brings the creativity out of you and also improves the confidence. And this also affects in the work which you are doing. If you are not that much fond of typing or using keyboard then surely you can avoid it but while looking this at a long term use, this is definitely not a bad thing to have in you.

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Tanmay Padhi

Tanmay Padhi

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