Life of a Engineering Student

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So in 2018, I took admission in a private engineering college. It was one of the best private college and I had a lot of dreams when I took the admission. My first thought was to get a handsome package after four years of engineering but after 6 months that figure came down. But what I have seen in these years is that very few people know from the beginning that what they need to do in these four years and where they want themselves. Others, after a semester or two get their own path. But still there are few students who never decided what they exactly want or have any backup plans. For me, this was a stage where, I tried many things which include joining a team where I learned a lot about my core and team-work, worked on many projects because at that time my main aim was to improve my resume. But in an engineering college you will find people with all talents and you will never run out of entertainment during fests. I will continue this on another blog as it is an endless topic……..




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Tanmay Padhi

Tanmay Padhi

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