Skills Which Every Student Must Have

  1. Public Speaking
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Many people believe that public speaking is only for leaders or for them who want to become a good orator, but this fact is somewhere not true. Having good speaking skills will not only help you gain confidence but also will make you aware of many topics around the world. You can have your own identity as a public speaker who can represent a certain group of people.

2. Financial Knowledge

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As soon as I say financial knowledge, many people think about crypto currencies or stock market investment. Though there are safer ways also like SIPs where you have to invest in long term and you can see growth only after a period of time. There is less risk and also it needs consistency in investment. Apart from this you can also earn a bit if you are smart enough to use your credit card wherever required.

3. Graphic Designing

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Graphic Designing is everywhere required nowadays, whether its your startup or any organisation. Also, it is in demand and there’s lot of scope if you are looking for a secondary source of income.

4 Coding

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In the present era, there is an increase in demand for Artificial Intelligence. Automation in industry has also led their employees to learn the modern techniques which are being used. So having knowledge on coding is a must for students who are looking for a good job in upcoming years.




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